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Thursday, February 22, 2018 ~

5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit

You may often hear the name Bali, maybe even some of you think that a country of Bali. When in Bali it is an island which became a tourist destination in Indonesia, located in the eastern part of Java Island, Bali is already known to the world as a paradise world tour.

Bali is not only known as the beauty of the beach alone but is also famous for its numerous arts, dance area, also in the unique culture of this wonderful island 5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit.

If you are on a vacation in Bali then will find thousands of attractions that will make you want to buy a home here, because in addition to the price of food and very cheap tours in Bali there is also a world-famous tour.

1. the Kuta Beach, Bali

For the first one there is a beach paradise of the world named Kuta Beach, a beach is the most visited by foreign tourists because of the location of the Kuta Beach Bali is very strategic to the airport of Bali. Kuta Beach Bali also gives charm and natural beauty under the sea can not you see in your country, the prices for travelling and lodging in Kuta beach is also very cheap.

5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Kuta
5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Kuta
If you're a surfer who wants to tour to play the surf on the beach of Kuta is perfect for surfing or whether it be beginner or professional. Because there are parts that determine the level of waves that can be enjoyed by the tourists.

According to legend, the attractions of Kuta beach is a major port and became the largest trading centre on the island of Bali with the blue of the sea.

2. Pura Tanah Lot, Bali

Then the second one, namely the Tanah Lot or maybe you hear as Tanah Lot, Bali tour is the place which gives the charm of the nicest sunsets in the world. The temple is a Hindu Temple, but here is very kind to tourists.

Tanah lot Temple Bali there are actually two temples on the tip of the cliff which worships the God of the sea in Bali, you can also see a procession of the cult here that is very cool.

5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Tanah Lot
5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Tanah Lot
The most unique thing that is the position of the temple is on a giant reef on the seafront, if seawater is being install then you might be able to draw near to the temple. Because of all the reefs buffer the Tanah lot sea water inundated would be quite high, but if sea water were receding then you can go to the temple and see hundreds of sea snakes are docile.

Even if you shared the guards pretended or people could have the opportunity to wield the Serpent is considered a deity by local people, because it is a snake that was tame and not potentially harmful.

3. the Ubud, Bali

Let's head into the settlement residents who provide thousands of art will not be depleted if you see everything, IE Ubud Bali. Ubud is the name of a village located 40 km from the airport of Denpasar, if ye will go to Ubud from airport by car only spent about 2 hours only.

5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Ubud Bali
5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Ubud Bali
Bali Ubud village is a village that is full of real Balinese culture, so if you want to like what is a Balinese culture then you should come to Ubud.
4. the Kintamani, Bali
Wow this name as the name of the dog breeds, yeah right. Kintamani is a dog who comes from Kintamani Bali, this is a subdistrict (kecamatan) in the Regency of bangli. For to Kintamani Denpasar Airport you have to spend 2 hours drive, or if you are from Ngurah rai airport then had to traverse a distance of 79.9 kilometers.

5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Kintamani Bali
5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Kintamani Bali
The villages of Kintamani will give you an experience that you never encounter anywhere, like the new fresh air out of the fridge with fresh. This gives the natural beauty of the area and the hills and Lake Batur very cool despite scorching day and the cold at night day.

5. the Sanur Beach, Bali

Sanur tourism if derived Ngurah rai airport then had to spend 10 kilometers, if you use the car only takes 30 minutes.

5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Sanur Bali
5 Tourism Objects in Bali You Must Visit Sanur Bali
Sanur beach is perfect for you want to do snorkling and saw the beauty of the underwater, because the type of sea water here is very calm. You will see thousands of different types of fish that you haven't seen before, you'll definitely want to stay here.

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