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5 Most Coolest China Tour Places You Should Visit

Surely you often hear something about the state of China, yes because this country is a developed country that has many world-class superior products. It turns out that China also has a very beautiful tourist attraction in the world and 5 of which you must come here.

Lots of films produced by all countries take the location of film shooting in China, this is because Chinese tourism is very thick with culture and historical times. The big city in China which is the foreign tourist destination is Shanghai, Beijing, Guilin, and Guangzhou. When you come to China then you will immediately see a lot of cultures is very great, because China from the past until now will never eliminate the value of culture and history.

Here are China's most popular tourist attractions:

1. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China Tour The Town
The Great Wall of China Tour The Town
Probably among you when you first heard about china tours then it flashed the Great Wall of China, yes it is because it is a very great building in the world. The Great Wall of China is already known to the world as the most beautiful place in the world, proved if you go to the Great Wall of China then you will definitely see foreign tourists there.

You need to know that the Great Wall of China is actually a small wall building composed of the largest wall in the world, the Great Wall of China involves many Chinese empires in the past and spent decades to build the Great Wall of China.

The history of the Great Wall of China has lasted more than 2000 years, according to the Great Wall of China's 8,800 kilometre long data. With the longest building in the world and built since thousands of years ago, there must be some parts of the wall that collapsed.

You will be presented with beautiful landscapes and giant walls, your holiday will be very enjoyable when travelling to the Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China is located in the Chinese city of China, are you ready to tour the town to the great wall?

2. Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou Tour The Town
Jiuzhaigou Tour The Town
The second China tour destination to Jiuzhaigou, you will see a natural beauty that you will not get elsewhere. Because so many beautiful filmmaking in the world takes location in this place.

If you will describe Jiuzhaigou then just like in fairy tale, that is many beautiful waterfalls with karst mountains covered in snow white, there is also the lake with green water colour. But if you approach the lakes it will see the water of the lake is very clear, even you can see the fish are swimming by the lake.

It turns out that Jiuzhaigou is a natural habitat for giant pandas, so you should never destroy nature. Jiuzhaigou is now very small and if you come to Jiuzhaigou not always meet the wild giant panda because they are frightened when they see a human being.

This Jiuzhaigou tourist spot is located in the National Park in Tingkok People's Republic, Sichuan Province.

3. Yangshuo

Yangshuo Tour The Town
Yangshuo Tour The Town
You will enjoy the tour in Yangshuo because, in fact, Yangshuo is a stopover place when visitors will visit Guilin. Why is Yangshuo a favourite tourist location because the cost of accommodation is so cheap, and you would not expect the price to be so cheap even almost as free.

Although like that but Yangshuo has a beautiful natural beauty, you will feel the peace of the soul with a cool air. This place is located in Yangshuo City, Guilin, Guangxi, China.

4. Beijing

Beijing China Tour The Town
Beijing China Tour The Town
Finally, our tour of the city this time to discuss the city of Beijing which is the capital of China is a popular city and become a tourist icon of China which became the choice for foreign tourists. You can find some great places in Beijing like Tiananmen Square, National Museum of China, and the Forbidden City of China.

You need to know that Beijing has a lot of history, even according to historical data of Beijing has stood more than 3,000 years.

5. The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City Tour The Town
The Forbidden City Tour The Town
One of the tourist destinations in Beijing is to travel to the Forbidden City because it was formerly the palace of the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors. According to the existing data of the Forbidden City scale that is 720,000 square meters, while the area of the Forbidden City is 150,000 square meters, and housing residents around 980 units so that the Forbidden City crowned the ancient palace with history and the complete equipment in the world.

The Forbidden City began construction in 1406 and was completed in 1420, the predominantly red and golden city is uniquely Chinese unique carvings.

Do not think the Forbidden City is an old building in general because although the building is very old it is still strong and sturdy. This is because the arrangement of space and layout are very detailed, so they can support each other well.

With this 5 Most Coolest China Tour Places You Should Visit then which tourist attractions in China you will come on this holiday season, are you.