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Sharing of an Indonesian Traveler 14 Years to Europe Alone For 3 Months

Hello, readers of Tour The Town, I want to share my experience when I was 14 years old self-road to Europe. One of my friends once made a post where he travelled to Malaysia himself when he was 16, he was blasphemed because some readers of Tour The Town saw him too daring to make the trip. Actually, it was my act of inspiring him to dare to go alone hehehe. So please allow me to share my experience in 2014, for 3 months to Europe for the first time with myself.

"Hah aged go to Europe alone? Crazy ya your parents"
"Do not you dare to be alone in a country person"

These are the sentences I often get when I tell you about my experience of travelling in Europe when I was 14 years old.

Indonesian Traveler 14 Years to Europe Alone For 3 Months
Indonesian Traveler 14 Years to Europe Alone For 3 Months
While in Europe, my goal is to build my level of fluency in speaking German. But here I will only tell my experience and my trip there.

My journey began in October 2014, I flew from Jakarta using the Lufthansa airline (no longer in operation). I flew to Kuala Lumpur first, then to Frankfurt for transit to Munich (my final destination). Since I was underage (14 years old) I used the UM service from Lufthansa. Where I was accompanied until I met the person who picked me there. Start Immigration, Boarding, etc.

When I arrived in Germany, I first landing in Frankfurt. I was amazed by how big the airport was and first flushed the morning's cold air. When I got out I had to get out last, and when I got out there was someone waiting for me to accompany me during the transit in Frankfurt.

Walk me to immigration because the next flight is the domestic flight. While at immigration I do not believe that I am in Europe. Seeing my passport on the "Frankfurt Flughafen" stamp is something I never expected to feel. After my immigration went straight to the plane. I was boarding first and greeted by Lufthansa stewards. When taking off, the sun is up. I am fascinated by nature in Europe that is very different from in Indonesia.

Landing in Munich I was again accompanied by Lufthansa members to meet the person who would pick me up. From there I went to my residence for 3 months ahead. I live in a small village called "Bad Schussenried" located 1 hour from the city of Ravensburg and 3 hours from Munich and Stuttgart. There I lived in a dormitory with other people.

Sharing the Experience of an Indonesian Traveler 14 Years
Sharing the Experience of an Indonesian Traveler 14 Years
Every week, where I make trips 2 times a week. On Wednesdays, we go to a nearby town and on Saturday we go to a very distant city. Fortunately, I got the chance to go 2 other countries while I was there, namely Switzerland and Austria. I am to visit big cities like Munich, Stuttgart and Zurich.

The most memorable trips for me in those 3 months are when I go to Austria and to Stuttgart.

My journey in Austria, I went to the city whose name is Bregenz, located in Bodensee (Lake Constance). I was amazed to see the Alps closely. Mountain with snow something I was amazed, how beautiful the scenery is. While in the city. I did the hiking which took 2 hours. Because it was still early, fresh mountain air I breathed as much as possible before starting hiking. The more I can see the whole mountains of the Alps widely. My camera can not replicate the view I see.

In Stuttgart, it was memorable because I could visit the Mercedes Museum located next to VfB Stuttgart Stadium. I am very pleased to learn the history of one of the world's famous car producers. Not only that, I was then met with many Indonesian Students who dominate in Baden-Wurttemberg.

A lot of experience that I feel for 3 months there with myself. From bitter till that I will never forget. One of them is to feel the snow before returning to Indonesia. Every time, day, and a week I begged the Almighty so I could feel the snow. After some snow (just a little) I feel resigned because it will not feel the snow at all. Then in the last week, I was built by my dorm keeper. He told me to go to the terrace to see what's going on outside. I first did not want and want to go to sleep. Finally, I forced myself and was surprised when I opened my eyes.

White colour that covers all trees, roads, grass, etc. Makes me not believe what I see. For a moment I was silent and still surprised to see a pile of snow all over my view. I rushed to get my thick shoes and my Jacket, run