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Spain, Europeantours Most Popular Locations

Maybe you feel like doing europeantours, then you have to know which countries are the choice of travellers around the world doing europeantours. For that, consider our discussion this time about the Spain, Europeantours Most Popular Locations.

Spanish country does have a special attraction, especially those who want to do romantic european tours with lovers, for that there are some Spanish places you have to go with a lover.

Catedral de Santiago - Bilbao

Europeantours Most Popular Locations Catedral de Santiago
Europeantours Most Popular Locations Catedral de Santiago
For european style architecture lovers then you have to come to Catedral de Santiago because these sights are a crown from Bilbao for you to do europeantours. Bilbao is an old town full of antique buildings in Spain, with a very high artistic architecture then you will feel like in a fairytale country.

Although this church is not a famous church among travellers, tourists are guaranteed to be very happy to see the style of building architecture is very grand. The futuristic style is quite high with the Guggenheim called locals as the icon of the city of Bilbao.

Catedral de Santiago looks gothic cool, a very classy europeantours tourist spot. Especially when you see the passage of Puerta del Angel, the abbey, the tower and the dome.

When entering Catedral de Santiago then europeantours tourists will be greeted with a long hallway filled with large columns that reflect the Catholic church. Then you will see 26 altars with some chapels that are not too big, to get into Catedral de Santiago you have to adjust the schedule as below.

The schedule of Catedral de Santiago is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 2 pm, then continued at 4 pm to 7 pm. If for europeantours usually opened on Monday to Friday from 11 noon to 12 noon, then at 5 pm to 6 pm.

The entrance fee of Catedral de Santiago europeantours is around EUR 3, so make sure you have money ready to get into this artistic history-filled building.

Europeantours, Parque de Cabecera

Europeantours, Parque de Cabecera
Europeantours, Parque de Cabecera
Parque de Cabecera is a large park, the total area of ​this park reaches 10 hectares. Here you europeantours can see a very beautiful scenery, with a very lush tree. If there is a small child that you invite to travel to this place then they will love it, because Parque de Cabecera park there is a children's playground.

Then when you and your lover feel hungry during "Tour The Town" then you can stop to the cafe provided by the manager, you will feel the sensation of eating together amid a very beautiful garden.

Not quite up there, Parque de Cabecera also has a hill that is not too large so that europeantours tourists can climb up the hill. At the top of the hill, you can see the full sights of Valencia city, the natural beauty and the enchanting city. Apparently, there are other interesting parts, there is Bioparc park safari which was established in 2008.

When you ask how much the price goes to Parque de Cabecera, then surely this is one of the europeantours that you can go for free but very beautiful.

Las Dalias Market - Ibiza Europeantours

Las Dalias Market - Ibiza Europeantours
Las Dalias Market - Ibiza Europeantours
Las Dalias is a market that sells a variety of supplies and accessories that are sought after by backpacker because they offer cheap price but the goods are sold quite good and not a handmade.

Las Dalias Market becomes an icon for the city of Ibiza there are more than 200 stores that actively peddle merchandise to buyers, for every weekend there are 20 thousand people come to this market. Of course, they are looking for good items at very cheap prices, especially throughout the summer.

Shopping spots in Spain not only have antiques and accessories, but there are also culinary tours europeantours you can taste directly. The food is sold like marrocoan tea, cocktails, pizza, and various other typical Spanish dishes.

Las Dalias Market operation schedule is open year-round every Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm, when the summer of August is open on Saturday. Then Las Dalias Night Market will be held from June to September on Monday starting at 7 pm to 1 am.

That's The Most Popular Europeantours Locations you have to go when you intend to travel to Spain because Spain is a country that is not exhausted to visit. Read information about Website Tour to keep you up to date on all the cool tourist destinations around the world.