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The Most Exciting Trip in Switzerland You Should Go

When you as tourists may not choose swiss for a vacation, because Swiss is not as popular as the big country in Europe like the Netherlands, England, and France. Although a small country with French, Italian, German and Austrian borders turned out to be the smallest country in the world, even the world known as "Swiss Bank"

Plus the Swiss country known to the world as a producer of good chocolate, not only that swiss is also a producer of high-quality cheese with a distinctive taste. For a Swiss vacation, place has a natural panorama of the Alps, for that you do not miss the swiss country for the preferred tourist destination.

The Most Exciting Trip in Switzerland You Should Go
The Most Exciting Trip in Switzerland You Should Go
Here is a TRIP to the best swiss that will make your days more felt.

1. Lake Jenewa

first is the jenewa lake which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world plus the largest lake in Europe, the total area of ​jenewa lake is 600 square kilometres with 60% of its territory is in swiss while 40% are in France.

If you see the lake from the height of jenewa or from the drone, then you will see the shape of the crescent moon then it is a beautiful place to be visited in swiss. Many of the yacht sports community do activities here, if you come to the swiss jenewa lake then you can rent a boat to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of nature is so fascinating.

2. The city of Zermatt

The best place to enjoy ice-skiing is the Zermatt City city tour, which is located at the foot of the Swiss Alps so that the whole city of Zermatt is covered by soft snow. You can enjoy ice skiing with friends and family, if you do not want to do ice skiing then you can just take a walk because of many places like markets that sell diverse souvenirs and restaurants that are cheap enough.

3. Swiss National Park

The oldest place in the Alps is the first Swiss National Park built in 1914, the total area of ​​the Swiss National Park almost reaches half of the Swiss region. This is a very amazing swiss tourism place as well as the best for enjoying the beautiful Alps mountains.

In fact, you can see wild animals like eagles, elks, and Alpine marmots. But unfortunately, the tourists are not allowed to set up tents and not provided a place to stay in the Swiss National Park, for that you are only here during the day only.

4. Zurich

You must visit tour the town Zurich, because Zurich lake is the most visited tourist spot in swiss. You can enjoy the beauty of beautiful hills, peaceful and calm forests, and also the cool village of Zurich.

You also visit the gothic tower that you see in child fairy tales, ancient churches and all the things of world history in Zurich like in story books and myths.

5. Geneva Jet D'eau

Geneva jet D'eau is the world's tallest fountain is very beautiful, will spray water up to 140 meters. This fountain was made in 1891 and is considered a symbol of the city of Janewa, so you must go to the Geneva Jet d'eau fountain.