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Tour Destinations Tour to Europe Most Excellent

Some say if the tour to Europe had to carry a lot of money because the cost for a tour to Europe is not small. Maybe you should read this Tour Destinations Tour to Europe Most Excellent first in order to see, how to tour to Europe with little cost but can include many interesting sights.

First, you have to book a plane ticket for the right Tour to Europe, you can board an airplane from your hometown to Zurich. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the canton of Zurich.

When you get to Zurich then you can go straight to Tour The Town in Zurich, you'll probably find Lake Zurich, City Hall Zurich, and the quite popular Bahnhofstrasse street. There you will enjoy the beauty of the city of Zurich thoroughly and will get the peace because in the Lake Zurich you can remove tired during the trip on the plane.

Tour Destinations Tour to Europe Most Excellent
Tour Destinations Tour to Europe Most Excellent

Tour to Europe

Then you continue your journey to the city of Bern which is the capital of Switzerland, for Tour The Town here you can stop and take pictures at the Clock Tower which includes a historic building in Bern. Then there is the place you should go to Einstein House, the place where the great remains of the great scientist of the world Albert Einstein. Then there's the pretty Bern town hall to relax in the afternoon, remember it's still your first day in Tour to Europe (Switzerland).

At night you look for lodging in Interlaken, a municipality in the canton region of Bern, Switzerland. Interlaken is very famous for tourist destinations, even many backpackers come to this place. The city of Interlaken is in the Alps, the middle part of Switzerland tour europe.

Tour to Europe the second day begins with to the highest mountains in Switzerland, this place is very popular by the name Jungfraujoch. This place is located above 4158 meters above sea level, so it is certain this place is covered by a very cool snow.

Interesting Tour to Europe

Jungfraujoch Interlaken Tour to Europe
Jungfraujoch Interlaken Tour to Europe
In Jungfraujoch, you will have fun for a day, as many cool Tour Destinations Tour to Europe Most Excellent stay with Jungfraujoch for a day. If it is late then you must return to the hotel or the inn, because tomorrow you will tour to Europe to a more beautiful place again.

Your third day in Switzerland Europe, early in the morning you must leave for Lausanne by bus. You need to know that Lausanne is a Swiss city very close to France, so do not be surprised if Lausanne people speak French.

After arriving in Lausanne you can Tour The Town by going to a beautiful place like Notre Dame Cathedral, a gothic-style Cathedral that according to the greatest man in Switzerland, you will also find City Hall in a baroque style that has been built since the 17th century.

After that headed for Geneva City, also a city quite close to France. You will see many offices of the International Organization in the city of Geneva, and the most popular places in Geneva are Lake Geneva, Jet d'Eau which is the world's tallest fountain, and also The Flower Clock.

The fourth day you have to go to the town of Montreux which is located at the foot of the Alps, the city of Montreux is famous for many world legendary musicians always stop here. Even Freddie Mercury wrote the song "A Winter's Tale" at the end of his life about the charm of the city of Montreux.

Then after the tour of Montreux town, you go directly to a small village called Zermatt. There you will find lodging that the price is quite cheap but the service is very good, staying overnight in Zermatt will shorten your time tomorrow when you have to explore around. After the morning you must try the Glacier Express panoramic train that leads to Andermatt city, your eyes will be fascinated with the beauty of the majestic Alps tour europe.

Then the other days you can adjust to your style and desire in the Tour Destinations Tour to Europe Most Excellent, because if you will browse the sights in Switzerland then not enough one week. There was even a 14-year-old boy travelling to Europe alone for three months, yes he did for 3 months alone without a parent or trusted person. He is a true backpacker since a young age, for that, I give Tour to Europe schedule list for only 4 days. For the next, you can specify yourself where else objects that can be used as tours in Switzerland because so many Swiss tourist attractions.