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Tour in Japan The Cool and Unusual

The moment you are waiting has come, the time for the holiday is a moment that you are most waiting to wreak out all the fantasies about the vacation spot that exists in the world. Maybe you ever imagine a beautiful country filled with cherry blossoms, yes that is the country of Japan or there is a saying sunrise country. You have to be Tour in Japan Cool and Unusual to experience the great TourTheTown sensation here.

When you have bought a plane ticket and prepared all the documents to enter the Japanese region, you do not need to worry because the Japanese government is very happy with visiting tourists so that tourists are not complicated in obtaining tourist documents. After you get off at the airport Tour in Japan, usually in some corner of the airport and corner of the city in Japan provided free city map complete with tourist information available, you can take advantage of this map.

It would be more fun if you Tour in Japan done alone without a travel agency, whether it's a scheduled tour or a backpacker. You will be very satisfied with the tourthetown in every area you visit, especially when travelling to Japan.

Tour in Japan The Cool and Unusual
Tour in Japan The Cool and Unusual

Sakura Garden

You should try to go to the cherry garden, a very vast place with a very beautiful cherry tree habitat, especially when it is autumn then you will see a dazzling red sakura. But if you come not at the right time it is not a problem, because the cherry garden remains beautiful and become a tourist destination abroad.

You will see a pond like a lake that is enough to make you tired lost, there is a bench that is used by the surrounding community to spend the afternoon. When you see the pond amid the garden of cherry trees that are blooming and falling, it is a memory that you will not meet anywhere.

Japanese Restaurant

Usually, you just visit a Japanese restaurant that is not original in your home country, then use this wonderful opportunity when you are in Tour in Japan, you will feel the original Japanese restaurant and you even eat real Japanese food. It would be more memorable if you try to come to the grocery store in Tokyo and Shibuya, place on the edge of the street. A restaurant with a traditional concept with typical Japanese food, it can not be removed from mind and memory.

Moreover, in Japan many strange foods that you will not meet at home, such as fresh fish meat without cooked, fish eggs are not cooked, there are even crabs that are not cooked but have been processed with a spice very pull up the taste.