Thursday, May 3, 2018

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A Traveling Professional Teacher

If you want to travel mainly cross country, you have to find A Traveling Professional Teacher. Because it needs a good experience to understand the conditions and habits of people around the place you will go, for that, you must be with a professional teacher.

When the desire to travel alone, surely you do not have to follow all the will of others. For those of you who are not experienced in backpacker solo, then you must learn to A Traveling Professional Teacher.

A Traveling Professional Teacher
A Traveling Professional Teacher
In order for your traveling fun and no problems, then tourthetown has prepared everything you need during the trip.

A Traveling Professional Teacher

When you get out of the house, you have to check the ticket price for the day, what lodging you will use, you have to know the operational hours of transportation that will be used even more local public transport, note the level of crime that may occur in the region you will go, know the route of your destination.

You should be grateful to the technology now that will be very helpful when travelling, with google map you will know the map of the region, with tourthetown then you will find interesting sights, by joining in some backpacker forum then you will get other important information.

Budget Traveling Professional Plan

For beginners who have not found "A Traveling Professional Teacher" then you should plan your budget during your trip. Create a complete itinerary, if necessary as detailed as possible.

The money budget is your benchmark in spending money, then travel itinerary will guide you in arranging a fun tour. Remember, when you are backpacker alone you can not ask "after this we will go" so you have to know for yourself.

You are not obliged to comply with the itinerary schedule, as you will surely find unexpected exciting things. Maybe you will invite local people to come home, then you will be given local food for free it could be. At least with the schedule of travel itinerary then you will be able to know where the footstep, then you will know what to do.

A Traveling Professional Teacher

You must be smart in packing luggage because it will not help you during a solo trip. You will be tempted to buy something that is not needed but ultimately will make you difficult in carrying luggage.

With so much luggage you will have difficulty in maneuvering, moving cities or just for a walk around the hotel.

Once you get to the hotel, you should create a mini-map or a small note so that when you walk around you do not look confused. Because the confused person becomes a soft meal for the scammers, they will spend your money and even some cases they will bring sharp weapons to injure strangers.

When you use the map on your mobile phone then you have to understand it correctly, the purpose of your agendas does not look confused. You have to act as if you are used to being in that place, it would be great if you could speak locally.

Then as "A Traveling Professional Teacher" then you have to separate between cash with ATM or credit card, it is anticipated if you get picked up. Because the experience most often when traveling is lost a wallet.

It gets worse when important documents should disappear as well, such as ID cards, Visas, passports and other important documents. Therefore you should create a softcopy and hardcopy of the important documents, then save in a different place.

Then when you're on a trip somewhere you have to do a live tweet or live video or status update with a location, this will help you if suddenly you happen bad things then your closest people can track your whereabouts from your latest social media.

That's A Traveling Professional Teacher that will help you in a solo backpacker, hopefully, this article helps in doing tours. You should never get bored and kapok when having a bad experience, it is a memory that one day will be interesting talks.